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A key component to any SIR System is the antenna. GSSI offers many antenna models allowing a broad range of applications to be performed. The transmit antenna is triggered by pulses from the SIR System and radiates electromagnetic energy into the subsurface of media. The energy reflects off targets or changes in the subsurface and is picked up at the surface by the receive antenna. Changing antennas allows penetration depth and resolution capabilities to be optimized. All antennas are interchangeable with ANY SIR System. The following is a list of the most versatile and diversified Subsurface Radar Antennas available.

4205Horn Antennas

Model 4205- The highest frequency antenna produced by GSSI, this T.E.M. horn antenna is designed for air-launched, high speed profiling. Specifically used to map thickness of thin asphalt pavements and overlays Engineering in the top 25 cm. (2.5 GHz)

Model 4208 - T.E.M. horn antenna used to identify voids under ridgid pavements, detect areas of deterioration and profile asphalt thickness or multiple layer thickness. (1 GHz)


Model 3100

Specially configured for access to small areas, rebar detection and other very high resolution, near-surface applications. (1 GHz)


Model 3101D

This high resolution antenna is used for applications requiring shallow penetration such as void detection and material thickness assessment. (900 MHz)



Model 5103

Used for moderately shallow investigations and is ideally suited for utility detection, underground storage tank locating and void identification. (400 MHz)



MODEL 5106

A popular general purpose antenna for medium resolution and depth penetration. (200 MHz)




This antenna set is designed for borehole applications and can be operated in both monostatic or bistatic (cross hole) modes. (120 MHz)



MODEL 3207

Designed for relatively deep penetration and good resolution. Its shielded construction make it useful in city environments. Split T/R antennas provide the user with bistatic or multi-antenna array operation in addition to normal monostatic operation. (100 MHz)


3200MLFModel 3200 MLF

Extremely versatile, multiple low frequency antenna designed for the deepest possible penetration. The dipole antenna consists of interchangable elements; by changing the length of the antenna you can change the transmission frequency. Five antennas in one (16, 20, 32, 40, 80 MHz).