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SuperSting Marine

AGI has developed a new marine option of the famous SuperSting. The system comprises the SuperSting Marine, the Marine Log Manager software and an electrode towing cable.

The SuperSting Marine continuously records and stores data from a GPS receiver. Current is injected every 3 seconds and 8 apparent resistivity values representing 8 depth levels are read for each current injection. Depth of penetration depends on length of the cable and array type. Typically you will see down to approximately 20% of the electrode spread length.

Trawling On lake

The Marine Log Manager software allows you to edit the recorded data, plot the boat track and the resistivity data on an imported map image and to format the data for the inversion software. Electrode positions can also be converted to UTM coordinates.

The electrode cable features graphite electrodes (patent pending), a Kevlar strength member and water block. The advantage of the graphite electrodes is that they do not corrode as current is passed through them. Regular metal electrodes quickly corrodes in water environment due to electrolysis processes. The water block prevents water from entering the cable in case of a cut in the outer jacket.


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