GEOMETRICS Geometrics G-881b Cesium Magnetometer for Shallow Boreholes

The G-881b, as the name suggests, is a variation on the G-881 mini marine magnetometer and it has the same superlative specifications as that product. 

Clickable thumbnail images of the G-881b are included so you can see the mag, the first of which has already been shipped to a contractor in Europe. The G-881b operates from the same high strength 61 metre long cable as does the marine system, but has the "T" housing on the tube removed, to allow the sensor to be held vertically and allows use in  boreholes. Depth rating and other performance features are as per the G-881 data sheet.

881b1.jpg (22958 bytes) 881b2.jpg (22248 bytes)

Over the past few years Geometrics have had many requests for shallow borehole magnetometers for deep UXO location, where bombs may have buried themsleves in soft sediments  to a depth that precludes detection from the surface. However, in site investigations on such sites, many boreholes are drilled for foundation stability studies, soil and rock strengh analysis. These
boreholes are ideal for the G-881b to be lowered down, to quickly ascertain in areas of high risk if there are any deeply buried UXO, other deep services or deep   foundations in the vicinity of the borehole.

For more info follow the Geometrics pointer at the bottom of this page or contact Red Dog Scientific Services , authorized representative for South / Southern Africa