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  • OhmMapper - Resistivity mapping,  twenty times faster than by traditional galvanic DC resistivity methods employing metal or porous pot electrodes

  • Cesium Borehole Magnetometer - Designed for use in shallow boreholes

  • Non-Magnetic DGPS System - For use in hi-resolution single-man-portable mag surveys

  • UtiLocator - Hand-held magnetic utility locator for use in finding ferrous metals to a depth of upto 4.5m (15ft)

A brief description of SOME of the Geometrics products follows . . . For more info follow the Geometrics pointer at the bottom of this page or contact Red Dog Scientific Services , authorized representative for South / Southern Africa

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StrataView R and RX Series

StrataView SeismographA range of 12-60 channel portable seismic systems. Ideal for reflection, refraction, marine, VSP and tomography surveys.

New to our product range is the StrataVisor NX seismograph and is a multi-processor version of the StrataView RX. It offeres significant performance advantages in marine surveys, and allows upto 132 acquision channels plus a windows NT user interface giving full marine and land on-line QC functions in a single acquisition box. This enhancement to our seismic product line puts us fully at the forefront of the 2D marine seismic industry.

For more details please contact Red Dog Scientific Services.


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