Geometrics is known throughout the world for their high performance, high quality,
magnetometers. The Geometrics UtiLocator MGL combines this technological experience and attention to quality into an easy-to-use instrument.

The UtiLocator MGL is extremely rugged and durable, designed for day-to-day usage. Geometrics backs up this claim with a seven-year warranty. Weighing only 1.6 lb., the UtiLocator MGL will be easy on your arm in day-to-day usage as well. The easy-to-use and easy-to-see controls allow for immediate and rapid operation in the field. In fact, the operation of the UtiLocator is almost self-explanatory.

In addition, a signal strength display eliminates the guesswork in locating and identifying targets. Geometrics is proud to bring the newest in subsurface technology to the utility and surveying market. While others just scratch the surface, we see underneath it.


The Geometrics UtiLocator MGL, magnetic locator (commonly referred to as “yellow stick”), is just what you need to find those buried manhole covers, curb boxes, and other iron or steel products underground.

Built to last and with a seven-year warranty, this will be the last magnetic locator you will ever need to purchase. The UtiLocator MGL is simpler to operate than most other models in the market. The UtiLocator MGL offers easy to see and use controls as well as a signal strength display for even better clarification of your targets.

The UtiLocator MGL comes complete with a quick start instruction guide that allows the instrument to go directly from the box to the job. The unit comes ready to go with four AA rated batteries already loaded!

Rugged yet lightweight, the 1.6 lb. UtiLocator MGL can cope with the abuse that many similar instruments may not be able to handle. With years of experience in
designing magnetometers and subsurface instruments, Geometrics understands that quality and durability are critical to hand held subsurface equipment, and the MGL
is no exception. With shock mounted sensors and waterproof housing, the MGL is ready to be put to the test!

Settings for the MGL include a power switch, volume control, and sensitivity control. There’s also a low battery indicator, which flashes with 20-25 hours of normal operation remaining.

The Geometrics UtiLocator MGL is a more user-friendly yellow stick. To learn more about the UtiLocator MGL, along with the other fine products from Geometrics,
visit us on the web at www.utilocator.com.


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