What's New in Grapher 4?


Greater Excel compatibility!

Grapher 4 has an embedded Excel window for quicker editing of data files!  Open the Excel file directly in Grapher and make any necessary changes.  Use all of Excel's abilities to create and edit your data file.  Spreadsheets edited in the Excel window automatically update the plots in any open graphs!

Use Dates Directly!

Grapher 4 now recognizes dates!  Use date columns in the worksheet as dates in the graph!  When using date columns, tick labels for the corresponding axis will automatically be in date/time format!

Better Analysis Ability!

Data occasionally is split into two different groups that are located at separate ends of an axis.  This causes difficulty in interpretation.  Grapher 4 has the ability to break the axis and remove the middle section so that data are better presented and easier to analyze.  Scales, tick spacing, and divisions between ticks can be changed on either side of the axis independently!


This axis break occurs between 80 and 240.

Switch Between Graph Types!

Think that your line plot will look better as a bar chart?  Now it is easy to switch between graph types!  With a single command, your plot will change into the new desired plot type!

Add Lines to Ternary Diagrams!

Grapher 4 has added the ability to connect the points in a ternary diagram -- with ease!

Add lines to ternary diagrams!

Use Any Symbol For Bubble Plots!

Grapher 4 has added the ability to change the symbol used in bubble plots!  This allows you to choose the symbol size range, color, and shape that you choose for your bubble plots!

Any symbol can be used with bubble plots to enhance your graph!

Create 9 New Graph Types!

Nine new graph types have been added to Grapher.  Create polar function plots and wind charts.  If you prefer 3D orientations to your graphs, create ribbon/wall, step, bar, floating bar, histograms, and function plots that include depth.  A 3D XYZ Plot has also been added to the program so that line or scatter plots can have three independent variables.  In addition, all of the older 2D graph types are still included: line, scatter, step, function, bubble, bar, floating bar, polar, rose diagrams, pie, histograms, ternary diagrams, box and whisker, and hi-low-close graphs.  

Polar Function Plot Graphs

Function plots are created by calculating a mathematical equation across a range of values.  These can be useful when determining trends.  

Use the polar function plot to display mathematical formulas on your polar coordinate graph.

Wind Charts

Wind charts show the distribution of wind direction and are binned according to wind speed.  

Bubble plots show three dimensions of data.

3D Ribbon/Wall Graph

Grapher 4 introduces a variety of 3D graphs.  The ribbon/wall graph is a line plot projected into 3D space.

Use the
ribbon/wall plot to display your graph in a more appealing manner!

3D Step Plot

The same features as a 2D step plot are now available in a 3 dimensional format!

3D step plots allow the steps to be connected with vertical or horizontal lines.

3D Bar Chart

Create 3D bar charts to show your bar chart data with depth! 

Remove the 3D axes to display only the 3D bar chart!

3D Floating Bar Charts

Floating bar charts can be used to show the differences between two variables with respect to a third similar variable.  In 3D, the differences stand out!  

Change the 3D orientation to make the graph more visually appealing!

3D Histograms

3D Histograms can be used to show graphically the distribution of your data in 3D! 

Layer multiple plots
in a 3D graph by placing them side by side!

3D Function Plots

Use a 3D function plot to show trends! 

Display function plots in 3D!

3D XYZ Plots

3D XYZ Plots display 3 independent variables in 3 dimensions.   Add color, change the line style, or add drop down lines to customize your plot!

Change the background color of a single axis pane to enhance the display of the graph!

Project Files Make Storing Graphs Easy!

Use Project Files to open graphs on different computers, store archive copies of graphs, or to send your work to colleagues!  Project files retain all of the properties of the graph and save the data file internally.  Once a project file is created, the data set on the computer can be deleted without affecting the graph.  No need to send each of the data files that the graph was originally created with any longer!  Project files can be edited and resaved many times -- any part of the graph can be changed, including the data used to create the graph. 

Save As Grapher 3 GRF Files!

Need to send a Grapher file to a co-worker who uses Grapher 3?  No problem!  Save the file as a Grapher 3 GRF!  The file can then be opened, edited, and printed in Grapher 3.

More Worksheet Possibilities!

  • Up to 1 billion rows and columns can be accommodated by the worksheet. 
  • Make changes in other spreadsheet programs and update the graph with a single command!

Fill Plots Anyway You Choose!

  • Fill between plots!
  • Fill left or right!
  • Fill up or down!
  • Fill to a data value or to the axis limits!

Grapher Supports Numerous Formats!

Many new import and export formats have been added in addition to the already numerable file formats supported!

  • New Import options: EMF, E00, PNG, GIF, DDF, and GSI.
  • New Export Options: EMF, PNG, SHP, BNA, BLN, GSI, MIF, and GIF.

Additional Features!

  • Calculate and display the area under a curve!
  • Utilize the new natural log axis scale, in addition to the linear, log (base 10), and probability scales!
  • Digitize a point on a graph easily with the large crosshair that extends from the point you are digitizing to the rulers!
  • Click on any point in a plot and display the X and Y coordinates as listed in the worksheet!
  • Create your graphs at any size!  The 32 inch page limitation of Windows 98 and Me has been eliminated!


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