Thanks for a wonderful, overwhelming, exciting program.... Every time I use the program I find more applications.
Dr. Howard Lee McLean, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

I attended the RockWare seminar on April 6 (part of the GSA conference) and was totally blown away. The program's functionality is exceeded only by its killer graphics.
Carl Petersen, Professional Geologist

I work as a Heavy Civil Construction Consultant for Earthwork Contractors, Engineers, and Developers. I use RockWorks2002 to analyze the geological soil bore data that we receive for our projects. Iím able to analyze and estimate volumes of different stratas. RockWorks2002 will help contractors and others analyze soil conditions for contracts they have or are bidding on. It also offers great graphics and interactive views. RockWorks2002 will help contractors save and make $$$.
Eddie Reeps, Heavy Civil Construction Consultant, Earthwork Contractors, Engineers, and Developers

My clients remark at how good the output is that I can achieve using RW2002 and LP2001 and expect it to have come from one of the major mining packages like Surpac or Vulcan. As a one man consultancy that makes me feel good (and keeps me in business). So thanks again.
Paul Maconochie, GeoTek Solutions Pty. Ltd.

As a student I found the RockWorks program to be very easy to learn. Using one of the sample datasets I found that I could simply edit the sample to match my data and I was done. The whole process took about 10 minutes and the printout looks much better than anything I could draw- thanks
Mike Fidler, student at Ohio State University

Let your people know how much I like RockWorks99! What a major improvement! I am working on a mine geology plan for our company and it looks as though this will move it right along. Now if you guys can work in fault insertions, the ability to handle non-vertical drill-hole information and dip information, you will have the ONLY product on the market worth buying!
Bob Colpitts, mine geologist

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